Parish Groups & Their Leaders

Youth Choir

"Mensajeros de la Paz"
5 p.m. Mass at SP For children and teenagers.
Practices on Tues and Thurs, 5-7 p.m.
Director, Ricardo Hidalgo > [email protected]

Pearl of the Caribbean

"Perla del Caribe"
10:30 a.m. Mass
Choir Director, Judy Negrón > [email protected]

Walking With Jesus

"Caminando Con Jesús"
Saturday evening Prayer Group at St Patrick’s. Coordinator: Adnery Castro > [email protected]

Light of Christ

"Luz de Cristo"
Monday evening Prayer Group at OLG.
Coordinator: Aleida Ramírez > [email protected]

The Christian Women

Service Association at Our Lady of Guadalupe. President: Sharon Granado > [email protected]

Las Guadalupanas

Service Association at Our Lady of Guadalupe. President:: Nicolasa Martínez > [email protected]


12-Step Support Group for the family members of alcoholics.
Meets on Saturday mornings at St Patrick’s Coordinator: Lucy Beltrán > [email protected]